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"Thanks Erik. The program has worked extraordinarily well. Thanks! And thanks for the new exercises. Best, Eugene."
-Eugene Levy

"I am always psyched to see Oskar. He is a phenomenal trainer! He is always punctual and motivates me to be my very best. After just three sessions with him I felt leaner and my clothes fit me better. When I’m really stressed and not even motivated to exercise, somehow he gets me to push myself and I always feel amazing afterwards! I have recommended him to family and friends!"
-Sarita Singh

"I have been training with Oskar for over 5 years. Osksar’s very knowledgable and patient. He has the ability to know just how far to “push” his clients to get the requested results. I would definitely recommend Oskar to anyone who’s serious about ‘getting fit’."

"Oskar’s an amazing personal trainer who instantly offers great credibility due to the incredible shape that he’s in himself and it’s great to have a trainer that walks his own talk. Oskar’s very skilled and organized in planning a workout schedule and specific exercises that works for your schedule and personal goals.

In addition, Oskar’s very knowledgeable with respect to meal planning and having an optimal diet. Furthermore, Oskar knows a lot about both weight training and the various cardio workouts that are best suited for you and your goals. To cap it all off, Oskar’s a real pleasure to spend time with and you get a real genuine sense that Oskar really cares about helping you."
-John Manneh